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This scenic trail take us from Šibenik to Jadrtovac, a village located in Morinje Bay, 11 km away from Šibenik. Morinje Bay also known for its healing mud whose use when applied for medical properties has been confirmed by the Committee for Health Tourism and Natural Medicines at the Academy of Medical Sciences. From Jadrtovac we climb towards vineyards and olive plantations that spread over 500 ha of hill tops with beautiful views and panoramas of Šibenik and its archipelago. This is one of our favorite trails as you get a real feel of the conjuction of Dalmatian nature and its raw beauty with hundreds of years of human striving to culitvate this rugged terrain. From the vineyards we descend towards the coast, through the “wild west” valley, and on to Žaborić, known for its sandy beach. Then onwards to Brodarica and finally back to our starting point in Šibenik.

Price: 300 kn
Price: 300 kn
Length: 32 km
Difficulty: 3/5 - 70% unpaved road 30% paved road
Price includes: Bicycle, helmet, lock, bike guide
Price does not include: Food, beverages, car transport

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