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St. Anthony Channel

St. Anthony channel was named after the saint who lived in a cave located in the channel. The cave features the remains of the church dedicated to St. Anthony the hermit. The route is dominated by a winding path with beautiful panoramic views of Sibenik and its fortresses. Especially prominent is the Fortress of St. Nikola, raised in mid 16th century at the entrance to St. Anthony channel, a narrow sea passage leading to Šibenik. The path has a lot of small beaches and is perfect for a half-day trip. After the channel we pass through a town of Zablaće where we stop for refreshments (as prefered by the group). The route takes us next to great lake of Zablaće, over the paved road back to starting point at Šibenik.

Price: 300 kn
Length: 21 km
Difficulty: 2/5
Price includes: Bicycle, helmet, lock, bike guide
Price does not include: Food, beverages, car transport
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