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Roman Cistern

This history tour is full of wonderful sights and panoramas that are going to leave you breathless! As we start from Šibenik we pass/stop bridge that offers great view on Šibenik and Krka fjord. After bridge we take right turn to descent to Zaton village and continue toward archeological site of Velika Mrdakovica, one of the most important archeological sites in area. Rich finds of glass tableware, probably the most valuable collection of its kind on the entire territory of the Roman Empire, proves it’s significance. At the foot of this roman settlement with necropolis is remains of the Roman cistern, used to collect rain and supply the population with drinking water. From there we continue to Vodice, a tourist centre famous for it’s lively and various tourist offer.
After Vodice we enter a stone drywalls maze, impressive route that take us thru dalmatian field roads bordered with stone drywalls, a silent witnesses of human struggle with nature for piece of cultivated land and where we find another archeological site of basilicae geminatae or twin churches dating back to 6th century. After another portion of maze ride we come back to Šibenik bridge and further on to our starting point in Šibenik.

Price: 300 kn
Length: 45 km
Difficulty: 3/5 - 40% unpaved road 60% paved road
Price includes: Bicycle, helmet, lock, bike guide
Price does not include: Food, beverages, car transport

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