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Rider Roman Ruins

From the Šibenik center, next to the Dražen Petrović monument we head east over the the paved road to the settlement of Ražine where we turn on the dirt road and through Donje polje we reach Vrpolje. There we hit the paved road again and after the short section we continue on the unpaved road climbing uphill to Danilo Gornje where we reach the ancient Roman archeological site - Rider. A paved road leads to Danilo where a dirt road takes us to Rak winery for a taste of Dalmatian specialities and some superb local wine. An unpaved road over the Jamnjak hill takes us back to Šibenik.

Price: 300 kn
Length: 37 km
Difficulty: 3/5 - 80% unpaved road 20% paved road
Price includes: Bicycle, helmet, lock, bike guide
Price does not include: Food, beverages, car transport

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