St. Anthony Channel

The route is dominated by a winding path with beautiful panoramic views of Sibenik and its fortresses. Especially prominent is the Fortress of St. Nikola, raised in mid 16th century at the entrance to St. Anthony channel, a narrow sea passage leading to Šibenik. The path has a lot of small beaches and is perfect for a half-day trip.  Read more ...

Price: 250 kn

National Park Krka - Skradin

Tour to Skradin will take you to another world, a distant and mystical history of this region, but also to another, emerald green Dalmatia, due to abundance of water of the river Krka.
The ancient town of Skradin – the oldest town in the region, inhabited since Neolithic for over 5500 years. The capital of the Illyrian Liburnia, the Roman Scardona...  Read more ...

Price: 300 kn


This scenic trail take us from Šibenik to Jadrtovac, a village located in Morinje Bay, 11 km away from Šibenik. Morinje Bay also known for its healing mud whose use when applied for medical properties has been confirmed by the Committee for Health Tourism and Natural Medicines at the Academy of Medical Sciences. From Jadrtovac we climb towards vineyards Read more ...

Price: 300 kn

Falcon Ride

This tour starts at Šibenik, and heading east leading to Vrpolje. On Debelo brdo we turn to the unpaved road leading to windmills. A wide unpaved road leads downhill to Falconeering center, unique in Europe. After an educational tour of the center we continue onwards on paved road to Rak winery where we try out the unforgettable locally made wines with some traditional delicacies. Read more ...

Price: 300 kn

Rider Roman Ruins

From the Šibenik center we head east and through Donje polje we reach Vrpolje. We continue climbing uphill to Danilo Gornje and reach the ancient Roman archeological site - Rider. A paved road leads to Danilo where a dirt road takes us to Rak winery for a taste of Dalmatian specialities and some superb local wine. An unpaved road over the Jamnjak hill takes us back to Šibenik. Read more ...

Price: 300 kn

Roman Cistern

This history tour is full of wonderful sights and panoramas that are going to leave you breathless! As we start from Šibenik we pass/stop bridge that offers great view on Šibenik and Krka fjord. After bridge we take right turn to descent to Zaton village and continue toward archeological site of Velika Mrdakovica, one of the most important archeological sites in area. Rich finds of Read more ...

Price: 300 kn